Eagle Strategies Alliance


About Eagle Strategies

Eagle Strategies LLC (“Eagle”) is a Registered Investment Adviser and a wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company.

Eagle is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to help secure the future you desire. Eagle offers robust,

high-quality investment advisory programs, ensuring Advisors have the necessary tools to design tailored solutions - solutions centered

around your individual goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Leading Asset Managers

Eagle provides access to leading asset managers through its investment advisory programs. It partners with non-proprietary

asset managers who can stand up to its Investment Research and Due Diligence team's rigorous requirements. Before an asset manager

is added to Eagle's platform, it is thoroughly vetted and continuously monitored to ensure it meets Eagle's stringent investment criteria.

Additionally, its roster of asset managers is continually evaluated to ensure it offers the breadth and depth of solutions necessary to help

you meet your financial goals.

Expert Support

Eagle strongly believes in expertise and specialization. It provides extensive support to its advisors through its accomplished and accredited

teams. They help provide well-considered financial guidance and solutionsto meet your evolving needs.